10 Reasons Why You Get Back Pain

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Low Back Pain is one of the commonest reasons for visiting an orthopedic surgeon. It is one of the leading reasons for sickness leaves all over the world. Back pain is so common that almost each one of us will have at least one episode of severe low back pain at least once in our lives. However, low back pain can be prevented to a large extent by following the right advise and putting your back to work in the right way.

Here Are The Top 10 Reasons For Low Back Pain

1. Faulty Posture

With work from home culture and improper office equipment at home, most us have been forced to use make shift arrangement and use the couch or bed or even sit on the floor and work on computers for prolonged hours causes low back pain. This puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the low back and leads to low back pain. The best solution for your back pain would be to invest in good quality office chair and a desk so that you can work in a comfortable position and a prevent low back pain complains.

2. Prolonged Sitting

I get a lot of patient suffering from low back pain. On enquiring they say that they sit in a place for about 8 to 10 hours a day for work without frequent breaks.Low back pain is very typical of people working in the IT industry. Sitting continuously for a long time increases pressure in the intervertebral disc and lead to early degeneration.Low back pain also deconditions the paraspinal muscles which are responsible to give her dynamic support to your back. The best practice to prevent low back pain would be to avoid prolonged sitting. If your work demands sitting for a long time you should take frequent breaks. Practice getting up at least for two minutes after every 20 minutes session of sitting down. In those two minutes one should stand up and stretch his back muscles and walk around and then sit back again. You can even invest in a desk which converts from sitting to standing position and can allow you to work in standing position for some time. This habit would go a long way to prevent low back pain.

3. Lack Of Exercises

Exercise is necessary for low back pain to keep your back muscles supple and healthy. A Sedentary lifestyle decreases the strength of your core muscles and deconditions them. You should exercise regularly to keep your back muscles feet and prevent low back pain. Suryanamaskar is one of the best exercises to prevent low back pain and I highly recommend that to my patients who are suffering from mechanical low back pain. At times you may also require our expert guidance from a spine physiotherapist who can help you to devise a tailor made exercise program for you to prevent low back pain.

4. Improper Diet

With the fast food culture and package food diet leads to low back pain, our body is deprived of essential nutrients which are necessary to maintain bone health and build a good muscle mass. Having a balanced diet which includes low carbs and high levels of protein is essential to maintain good spine health. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide us with essential micronutrients, vitamins and antioxidants which also help our back to recover and prevent chronic low back pain.

5.Vitamin Deficiency

This is a well-known fact that vitamin D is highly essential for maintaining good bone health. Vitamin D is also called as sunshine vitamin because our body synthesizes Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. However most of us are not exposed to enough sunlight because of our sedentary lifestyle or office working hours. Even when we go out in the Sun we tend to use sunscreens which block the synthesis of vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D deficiency is a very common cause of low back pain. It is a good practice to go out for walks in the early morning to let her body synthesize enough vitamin D. Nowadays there are excellent nutrition supplements available in the market which can boost your vitamin D levels and help you recover from low back pain.

6. Wear And Tear Of The Spine Joints

As we age the face of the joints between the bones of the spine undergo some wear and tear and low back pain. Facet the joints which are very smooth at a younger age tend to roughen out as we grow older and can be a source of pain. The above advise of exercising regularly following a good posture and a good diet go a long way to decrease the wearing tear of the spine joins and prevent back pain.

7. Pinched Nerves In The Spine

With ageing and degeneration of the spine, the ligaments in the spine get thickened and lose their pliability. The intervertebral discs also Harden and tend to bulge causing pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine. The nerves get irritated and inflamed and cause back pain. This condition is collectively called as lumbar canal stenosis or lumbar spondylosis. At times, it may also lead to Sciatica, pain radiating from low back down to the back of the thigh and legs. In case you are suffering from such a problem, it would be a good idea to visit a spine surgeon or a our spine specialist who can analyze the cause of your back pain and provide appropriate remedies.

8. Spine Fractures

With ageing, women more than men tend to lose bone mass and suffer from osteoporosis or weakening of bones. Osteoporotic bones have less strength and are susceptible to spontaneous fractures or fractures on suffering trivial trauma like a slip and fall on the floor. Such fractures tend to be a source of chronic low back pain. Though osteoporosis manifests at old age, prevention of osteoporosis and associated back pain starts at a young age. One should exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet to build strong bones right from a young age.

9. Spine Instability Or Spondylolisthesis.

Our spine is designed to give a stable structural support to the back as well as protect the delicate nerves passing through it. At times the bones in the spine me slip on one top of the other (condition called spondylistheis) giving rise to chronic low back pain and sciatica. Typically, patients complain of low back pain on prolonged standing or sitting or doing strenuous activities. If you have any of such complaints you should visit out spine surgeon and get your condition evaluated. Most of the times this condition can be treated non surgically but, in a few cases, it may need microscopic our spine surgery to reduce your backpain.

10. Spine Tumors And Infections

Currently the most trivial of backpain may have a deep rooted and serious origin to. We often see patients who have been suffering from low back pain and on investigations its l that they have indolent infections or cancer which has been destroying this pain for a long time giving rise to low back pain. Early diagnosis and treatment of these conditions in time can help you recover very well. However, a delay in diagnosis or treatment can have serious repercussions on your health. Hence if you are suffering from low back pain for more than six weeks or if the pain has been disturbing your night sleep or if it is causing any neurological complaints like radiating pain or weakness or inability to control urine and Bowel functions one should seek immediate help from a our spine surgeon who can guide you through the process of healing.

Dr. Mayur Kardile
Spine Surgeon, MS Ortho, DNB Fellowship in Spine Surgery, Kaiser Permanente, California- USA