Patient Stories

My 81 year old mother was pain free after minimally invasive Spine Surgery. It was like a miracle.
Procedure : My mother in law age 81 was in tremendous pain and bed ridden for nearly 20 days, finally we were recommended to Dr Kardile. A couple of MRI s & immediate diagnosis of the problem.
He did a minimal invasive surgery n removed all the excess calcium deposited that was bothering the nerves going to the legs. Post surgery he showed us what he had removed looked like a bowl full of bone parts.
The pain had disappeared & in 2 days she was walking 5th day discharged from the hospital.
For her it was like a miracle. Dr Kardile treated her like he would treat his own grandmother. Many thanks to him & his team & god bless.

Sujata kanetkar

Dr. Kardile is very skilled humble and friendly. My bedridden mother is walking comfortably after vertebroplasty procedure
Dr Mayur Kardile is one of the best doctors i have come across. He is very skilled humble and friendly doctor. My mother was diagnosed with vertebral (spine)fracture because of which she was bedridden. Dr Mayur advised vertebroplasty. It was difficult for us to take decision because of her old age and co-morbidities Dr Mayur cleared all our doubts and we went ahead with procedure. Now she is absolutely fine and walking comfortably.
No words are enough to thank him.
Highly recommended

Dr Shruti Jadhav

My 85 year old grand father was back on his feet just 2 days after spine surgery. Dr Mayur is highly proficient and his bedside manners were impeccable
My Grandfather who is 85 years old had a fall and suffered a thoracic spine fracture, admitted in Jehangir hospital we were advised to seek the consult of Dr Mayur Kardile. Our first meeting with him was so reassuring and gave all of us so much confidence that we were ready to go with what he advised. 2 days later my grandad was wheeled in to the OT and treated with the insertion of pedicle screw insertion procedure. After successfully completing the procedure 2 days later he stood up unassisted, walked and was later moved into a private room to recover which he did completely.

Dr. Mayur’s reassuring nature is such a great asset to have. As a relative of the patient and on the patients behalf we were so glad to be treated and operated by Dr Mayur. We are thankful for his extreme proficiency to do this delicate procedure and his impeccable bedside manners which are hard to come by these days in doctors.
We never felt stressed or tense thanks to the faith he instils through his work. If I had to recommend someone for anything spine related, may it be the slightest ache in the back or something more serious, I would only recommend Dr. Mayur
Thank you for putting my grandad back on his feet asap.

Shane Dhunjibhoy

My Mom walked the next day after Minimally invasive Fixation for spine fracture

I had moved to Pune a year back so when my mom came to visit and had a spine fracture I had no where to turn. I googled best Orthopedic doctor in Pune and this information came up.
Won't take time explaining his credentials, my mom had to go through a surgery which went splendidly and she actually walked a bit the very next day after going through such a major operation, that should tell you how good a doctor he is.
What I have to add is despite being such a well known and established doctor his compassion knows no bounds, we were in a pickle once and he came to my house since it was an emergency and I wasn't able to move my mother at that time. He guided us through out the whole procedure and did everything he could and more to help us out.

Diksha Bhattacharya

Undoubtedly the best spine surgeon I've come across. His knowledge and skills are extraordinary. My Uncle had Immediate pain relief after surgery

Dr Mayur is undoubtedly the best spine surgeon I've come across. Recently done my uncle's spine surgery from him... His knowledge and skills are extraordinary... The surgery is successful and the tremendous pain he suffered for 2 months was relived immediately after the surgery. During COVID times, getting a surgery done was a sceptical call, but Dr Mayur assured us the best of the sanitation and hygiene will be maintained in OT and it was absolutely as per his words. Thankful to Dr Mayur, Pune Spine Institute and Jehangir hospital.

Vaikhari Hasbnis

Dr Mayur is a 5 star doctor not only for his medical skills but his pre and post patient care, it cannot be faulted!

Dr Mayur is a 5 star doctor not only for his medical skills but his pre and post patient care, it cannot be faulted! I have been a patient recently and also as an observer to his treating of an elderly neighbour, on both occassions he delivered exceptional service. I would totally recommend Dr Mayur.

Glenda Watsa