Spine Surgery in Elderly

Highlights: With increased life expectancy, spine problems are more prevalent in old age Spine problems can reduce the quality of life in old age Most of these spine problems can be managed with out surgery Surgery is required in a small percentage of patients With advent of modern techniques and better surgical training, spine surgery can be done in older patients with a very high success rate

Gone are the days when senior citizens would like to retire from their active lifestyle and be confined to the walls of their own houses.

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Herniated disc treatment made easy

Disc herniation commonly known as herniated disc or slip disc or disc prolapse is one of the most common problem affecting the spine. It is a condition where the disc between two vertebra comes out of its normal position and irritates the spinal nerves. The slipped disc in the low back can cause sciatica (shooting pain in legs), weakness and at times it can cause loss of control over urine. In the neck slip disc can cause pain in arms and weakness and sometimes can lead to imbalance while walking.

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Doctor, I am afraid of Spine Surgery

Working across the world, in India and United States, I have realised one thing that is common amongst every spine patient- 'The fear of undergoing spine surgery'

It's a natural human emotion to be afraid of any kind of surgical intervention. There are various questions that clog patients mind

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