• Dr. Mayur Kardile

Doctor, I am afraid of Spine Surgery

Working across the world, in India and United States, I have realised one thing that is common amongst every spine patient- 'The fear of undergoing spine surgery'

It's a natural human emotion to be afraid of any kind of surgical intervention. There are various questions that clog patients mind

1. Is spine surgery safe?

2. My relative had spine surgery years back and did not get relief. Will the same thing happen to me?

3. Will the surgery cause paralysis?

And so on..

Use of loupes or microscopes provides better vision and makes surgery safe

In my opinion, just like technical advances in various fields of medicine and information technology, the science of spine surgery has also advanced in leaps and bounds. With years of training, Spine surgeons now have a better understanding on the disease processes in the spine through ultra-modern imaging techniques like MRI and CT scans. They are better equipped with instruments and techniques at par with global standards which can altogether deliver a good result after spine surgery. All this has made spine surgery very safe in present time.

In a good surgeon's hand, the chance of having major complications in spine surgery is less than 1 percent. Though there is a potential risk, It is now very rare to get paralysis after spine surgery.

With the state of the art minimally invasive spine surgery techniques now in India, most of our patients recover from surgery within no time and can lead an active life right after the operation. Many patients even resume work within 2-3 weeks after surgery.

So don't let your spine problems weigh you down. Seek the right advise well in time

Dr. Mayur Kardile

Spine Surgeon Pune

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