Sacroiliac (SI) joint Fusion for SI joint dysfunction and Pain

A 55-year-old lady complained of chronic low back radiating to left buttock pain for 6 years. Her pain was so severe that it didn't even allow her to roll in bed or climb upstairs without discomfort. Her life was clearly limited due to this pain.

A clinical diagnosis of SI joint dysfunction was made. Not having relief after two SI joint injections, she was advised Minimally invasive (MIS) SI joint fusion surgery.

The patient had good pain relief after the surgery and got back to her normal life within a few weeks.

SI Joint dysfunction can be a cause of back pain in up to 23% of patients suffering from chronic low back pain.

Peculiar about SI joint dysfunction is that none of the imaging modalities may reveal any abnormality in the SI joint and the diagnosis is based on clinical judgment and diagnostic pain blocks.

MIS SI joint fusion is done through a 3 cm incision in the buttock area. In carefully selected patients, this procedure can give gratifying results.