Pune Spine Institute : Spine Treatment Clinic In Pune


   A Close Look At Best Spine Institute In Pune

Pune Spine Institute is a center of excellence in the diagnosis, intervention and aftercare of all spinal conditions and complaints. Our team is led by Dr. Mayur Kardile who is among the rarest few surgeons in India who are extensively trained to do anterior surgeries of the spine like Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF), revision spine surgery, spinal osteotomies, and reconstructions as well as Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS).

Pune Spine Institute is the only best spine clinic in pune which delivers the best spine treatment in pune at par with North American Standards and the Center of Excellence in spine surgery.

Team ‘Pune Spine Institute’, a close-knit team of spine specialists is committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate and convenient treatment with the highest level of care and attention, while looking after the specific needs of their patients.At spine clinic in pune you will not only receive full spine evaluation and diagnosis but will also be well-informed at every step of your cure right from all best spine treatment options up to full recovery. Visiting a spine surgeon doesn’t mean that you will always have to undergo surgery! Our conservative approach to cure helps you to eliminate surgical routes whenever possible. Since we take this approach we are able to cure 85% of our patients without surgery. Also, when surgery is imperative, we mainly employ minimally invasive techniques for quicker recovery.

Hardly, there would be an individual in the world who has not suffered from pain in the neck or back. However, it is important not to delay or ignore spine problems before it is too late since it might lead the patient to a paralytic condition.

Pune Spine Institute is the best spine clinic in pune, and Excellence in Spine Surgery, is located in the heart of east Pune, in Kalyani Nagar area, within very convenient proximity to Pune Railway Station and the Airport.